The Tasks app lets clients manage their mobile workforce using tasks lists, assigned to them.

Each task is a directive to visit some place on a particular date and time, and complete a task there. Tasks can be assigned to employees. The system checks which tasks were completed, delayed or failed, how long it took the employee to complete the task, etc.

Managers and dispatchers can schedule tasks in the optimal way, reassign tasks if something happened to an employee or a vehicle, retrieve reports to see how the job was done, measure staff productivity, calculate costs and more.

Assigned tasks can be view in multiple ways:

  • Interactively listed in table
  • Located on map
  • Scheduled on timeline
  • Sorted by team members
  • Over viewed in productivity chart

A user can select the date and time range to view the tasks which were completed, planned for future or current. Additional filters may apply to view tasks by status, employee, place or any custom tag.

Creating a single or repeated task is easy from any view, i.e. you can just double click on the map or timeline.